Gun Control Activists Blame Laws' Failure on Their Non-Universality

Chicago cited as example of why surrounding city's must adopt similarly strict measures

Axelrod: Key To Stopping Chicago Violence Is Gun Control in Indiana (The Blaze)

A mustache-less David Axelrod took to MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning with some news from his Chicago homefront: the wave of violence in the Windy City is the fault of other states.

“We live in Chicago and one of the reasons we have such a huge problem is all around us are areas with weak laws and with very lax background checks and a lot of illegal guns flow into this city,” Axelrod said. 

Comparing Chicago to New York, he argued that the Big Apple’s murder rate is lower than Chicago’s because it’s surrounded by Blue States like New Jersey and Connecticut. Axelrod’s solution: national gun control.

Axelrod also touched on Chicago’s “gang problem” and how an increased city crackdown on gangs actually exacerbated the violence. Axelrod’s solution: national law enforcement.

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