‘That’s a Lie’: Herschel Walker Denies Paying for Girlfriend’s Abortion

‘That’s a lie’


WALKER: “According to the article, I had more kids. That’s why I haven’t reached out to anyone, because I said no, and that’s what I mean. When I said no, I say that’s not correct, that’s a lie. And that’s what I mean, that’s a lie.”
Reporter: “But if the woman — “
WALKER: “Let me go to her.”
Reporter 2: “Thank you. You said that if this did happen, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. How do you square that?”
WALKER: “I never said — “
Reporter 2: “You said that this morning on — “
WALKER: “I was talking about something totally different that happened. I said, when I was with my ex-wife, meaning my past. It had nothing to do with what this woman said. I said this here, the abortion thing, is false, it’s a lie. And that’s what I said. I said anything that happened with my ex-wife or what Christian was talking about, I don’t know. But as I said, if anything happened, I have nothing to be ashamed of because my ex-wife and I have been the best of friends with her husband and my wife. So, that’s the thing that I’ve said. And I said nothing about if it did happen, because I’ve said that’s a lie.”

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