Trump: Both Carson and I ‘Are Resonating’

‘We are not as different as people think’

CAMEROTA: "Your closest competitor is Ben Carson there. He's gone up eight points since last month. But let's talk about you, because you have defied all of the conventional wisdom. The pundits said by now we would be seeing the polls drop, your numbers plummet or you would have gotten out of the race or you would have imploded. What do the pundits not realize about you?"

TRUMP: "Well, they don't know me. They don't know where I come from. They don't understand about winning, and I, you know, enjoy this. I'm seeing -- as you know, I was at a place last night which was so incredible. We were -- you know, the crowd of people that we have is incredible. It's incredible. I was in South Carolina, and the place was packed. And the enthusiasm and the love in the room, I mean, it's love. It's beyond, like, a regular you're going to make a speech. The love in the room. People want to see something happen. I was in New Hampshire. I was in Iowa. I was in Virginia the other day. And we had 10,000 people. Last night we had 8,000 people. It's that way all the time. And the only thing that stops even more are the size of the arenas. I mean, you can't get bigger."

CAMEROTA: "I do want to get to what you talked about last night in one moment. But first, just one more -- a couple more things about the polls. Because Ben Carson is running second to you. He's at 22 percent. Could there be any two more different people? How do you explain that you both are winning with Republicans?

TRUMP: “Well, we've hit a chord. And we're not as different as people think. We have a very good relationship. We're not as different as people think. But there is a -- certainly a different style. And you know, I have great assets, and he has some great assets. But we are both resonating; there's no question about it.  NBC just came out with their poll, and it's similar. I'm in first place --"


TRUMP: "--and Ben's in second place. And I went up a lot; and from my original, I've gone up a lot. And you know, it's -- the other candidates are similar. So maybe these polls are starting to really accurate out.”

CAMEROTA: “Can you imagine a Trump/Carson ticket?”

TRUMP: “Well, I like him. He likes me. I mean, stranger things have happened. That I can tell you. But it's too early to think about that. It certainly is interesting. So many people have suggested it because we seem to be doing awfully well.”

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