With Call for Stricter Gun Control, Obama Concedes Laws Not 'Perfect Solution'

President travels to Minneapolis to applaud city for tight gun control

Obama: Gun Control Is Not a 'Perfect Solution' (Weekly Standard)

President Barack Obama admitted today in a speech in Minnesota that his gun control policies are not a "perfect solution.

"And it makes you realize that if there's even one thing we can do to keep our children and our community safe--there's just one step we can take to prevent more families from feeling what they feel after they've lost a love one," said Obama. "We got an obligation to take that step. We got an obligation to give our police officers and our communities the tools they need to make some of the same progress that has been made here in Minneapolis. There won't be perfect solutions, we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. And that's our responsibility as Americans. That's what I'll do every single day as long as I've got the honor of serving as your president."

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