Hume: Fox News ‘Has Been Living’ in Obama’s Head ‘Rent-Free’ for a Long Time

‘He complains about Fox News a lot, he thinks we are being unfair to him’

O'REILLY: "I've got a minute left, this little thing came across a wide tonight. President Obama gave an interview with The New York Review of Books, where he says that FOX News that you and me, Hume, in the beginning -- made him out to be scary. I guess is the Halloween reference, scary." 
HUME: "You know, we've -- we've been living in his head sort of rent free, for quite a long time, haven't we? I mean, he -- he complains about FOX News a lot. He -- he thinks we're being unfair to him, and he thinks, you know, he'll say it in a jesting way, but I think it's pretty clear that he doesn't mean it that we're under his skin." [crosstalk]
O'REILLY: "Might he doesn't lie. This is --" 
HUME: "Either that work --"
O'REILLY: "This network is more critical of him than any other network. Although, I have to say myself, I was very fair to Barack Obama when he was running for president. I think you were, too."
HUME: "Well we're trying. But we're not going to fail to point out the things that aren't working. Just as you did in your segment earlier, for example with Charles. I mean --"
O'REILLY: "That wouldn't be honest. Than we would be partisan if we did that. We don't want to be partisan here. [indecipherable] Brit Hume everybody, we will come right back."

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