O’Reilly: Dems Were Told Not To ‘Attack Hillary Clinton’ at Debate

‘The word was out to all of Democratic candidates, do not attack Hillary Clinton and if you do the party will turn on you’

O’REILLY: “Well, Bernie doesn’t care about but e-mails. OK. So a lot of Democrats don’t care about the e-mails, right, because they just don’t care. I think that is accurate. It goes to honesty. So if you’re an independent thinker and a voter who contemplates your choice you want an honest president, I would think you would. And this e-mail situation is all about honesty. That what’s it is about. The FBI comes in and says, you know what? We lost this, that and the other thing and we have to indict Hillary Clinton. Is Bernie going to care than? I don’t know. But, you know, he — that was planned, contrived. As I said on The Factor last night, the word was out to all the Democratic candidates, do not attack Hillary Clinton. If you do the party will turn on you and they did not.” 

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