Trump on His Wife: She Will Be ‘Great Representative of the Country’

‘She is going to be great representative of the country, that I can tell you’

KURTZ: "Before I left Trump tower in New York I had a final question for the Donald about his wife."
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KURTZ: "I've written and spoken about the coverage of your wife Melania. New York Times profile says her Twitter feed reflects a seemingly isolated life of beauty rituals, private jet flights, and bikini body. And if she wasn't married to you, says The Times, her life might resemble that any number of trophy spouse in New York Palm Beach and Paris. How do you feel about that?"
TRUMP: "She's a great woman, she has a tremendous heart, a great outer beauty and inner beauty. She's been on the cover on Vogue; she was a very, very successful model, and she did really well before she met me."
KURTZ: "Was the article unfair?"
TRUMP: "I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore. I get so much press that's unfair, it's like Ben statement which actually turned to be good."
KURTZ: "Are you worried that as she plays a greater role--she gave an interview to People Magazine, that some of the press will even denigrate her and [indecipherable] like sex symbol."
TRUMP: "People Magazine was so respectful of her and me. It was really a beautiful piece. We've got --she's got tremendous warmth and a tremendous heart. And I think when it comes to women's health issues and other things, I think she'll be a standout. She will be --I will say somebody wrote on a Tweet, @RealDonaldTrump, of course; they said, 'I don't care if you're president, but she's got to be the first lady', which was pretty cool. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you that."
KURTZ: "She's more popular than you are."
TRUMP: "She's going to be great and she is going to be great representative of the country, that I can tell you.”
KURTZ: "Donald Trump, thanks very much."
TRUMP: "Thanks."


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