Fmr. Sr. Trump Advisor Miller: ‘This Is Modern-Day Slavery at Our Border’

‘Shame on Biden, shame on Pelosi, shame on Schumer’

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MILLER: "This is evil, jesse. It’s pure evil, what’s happening. I’ve been on your show so many times, we’ve had this conversation so many times. I’m at my wit’s end right now. I wish I could sit here today and tell you this is going to get under control. This is going to turn around. We have to wake up as a country. We need Republicans — yes, they’re in the minority, they don’t control the house, they don’t control the Senate. We need Republicans to understand this is modern-day slavery at our border. This is sex trafficking. Little girls, little boys, are being raped in stash houses. Every day we need to be talking about this. We need to be saying to Chuck Schumer, you’re not going adjourn the Senate. You need to stay here and we’re going to vote. We’re going to make everybody in this body vietnam we do something about this. The American people need to be told the election is a referendum on this evil, grave immorality playing out every single day on our border, that when you’re going to vote, you’re voting on whether or not we allow murderers, raging, bloodthirsty criminal cartels to be in control of 2,000 miles of our sovereign border. Because you know what, if we don’t elect a new majority to shut this thing down, then this evil will only worsen and multiply and history will record, with the greatest astonishment, that we allowed it to happen. Shame on Biden. Shame on Pelosi. Shame on Schumer. They have earned eternal infamy for what they’ve done to this country and what they’ve done to our cities."

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