Fmr. Sr. Trump Advisor Miller on Migrant Surge: ‘This Is a Biden-Created Crisis’

‘These are a humanitarian tragedy unfolding every single day’


MILLER: "No. They don’t have that connection at all. I mean, the governor of Texas is doing the best he can under extremely difficult circumstances. This is a Biden-created crisis. These are a humanitarian tragedy unfolding every single day, created solely and exclusively by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the president of the United States. And so the Texas governor, the Arizona governor, they’re on the receiving end of a calamity that has no precedence in human history. It doesn’t have a comparison point. I just hope that with that taking place tonight that everyone will begin talking about this on a daily basis, and won’t be relegated to the back pages anymore. It will at the front of our national dialog, the front of our national conversation, something we’re all engaging in on a daily basis in a country of conscience, in a country of morality."

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