Trump: Another GOP Candidate Will Be Getting out from ‘What I Hear’

‘Another one is going to be leaving pretty soon from what I hear and probably a lot going to be leaving soon’

CAPEHART: “Mr. Trump, under normal circumstances, the chaos in the House right now would be considered a huge problem for the presidential field, especially for the Republican Party making the case that it can govern the country. Do you see it that way?”
TRUMP: “No, Jonathan. I really don’t. I — I think that, you know, we are who we are. We’re out campaigning. There’s now 16 of us left — is a lot of people. With one left and another one is going to be leaving pretty soon I guess from what I hear. And probably a lot are going to be leaving soon. But, I really think we’re a little bit on our own — our own orbit. I don’t think people are going to be — especially now, I don’t think people are going be thinking about what’s going on in the House. I do say that it’s got to get cleared up at some point, because for the — when we run against, whoever the Democrat may be, you certainly don’t want that out there in terms of the Republican orbit.”

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