CBS: Another Drone Crashes Near the White House

‘Police in Washington said a short time ago that a drone crash-landed near the White House’

ROSE: "Police in Washington said a short time ago that a drone crash landed near the White House. The operators were flying it near the Washington monument early this morning."

KING: "The drone went down on the Ellipse, which is just below the White House south lawn. Chip Reid is at the White House with details of this unfolding story. Chip, good morning."

REID: "Well, good morning. We are told that the operators, two operators of this drone, were on the Washington monument grounds. They flew it across Constitution Avenue and to the Ellipse. The Ellipse is the elliptically shaped grassy area mid-way between the Washington monument and the White House, and it is an area that the Secret Service and Park police watch very, very carefully. We are told that the two operators were issued criminal citations. Apparently, they were not arrested so they did not see this as any kind of threat. There is no reason to believe, we are told that, there is any kind of terrorist threat here. By the way, this is the third drone incident that we know of. There was one in Lafayette park across the street on the north side of the White House earlier this year. And way back in January, you may recall that somebody flew a slightly larger drone that actually landed on the White House grounds. That resulted in a lockdown here at the White House. The president was not here at the time but that was the wake-up call to the issue of drones here at the White House and there have been at least two more since then. Norah."

O'DONNELL: "Another wake-up call this morning indeed. Chip, thank you so much."

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