Rep. Crenshaw: Arbitrary Lifting of Minimum Age to Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles ‘Won’t Change Much’ with Regard to Gun Violence

‘[Dems] try to convince America you can legislate away these extremely rare and anomalous events’

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CRENSHAW: “That makes a lot of sense. If you’re 18 and you have a terrible Juvenile history but we can’t look at it in a background check? We should be able to look at that; that should be part of the analysis on your background check. Some of this stuff seems really reasonable. When it comes to red flag laws, despite what all the trolls on the internet say, I’m really not for red flag laws. And primarily, look, there’s good arguments and bad arguments about this, and there’s a lot of misconceptions on both sides of this argument but fundamentally with a red flag law you’re trying to enforce a law before it’s been broken, and that’s a really difficult thing to do. You take somebody’s word for it and then you confiscate someone’s property and their right to self-defense as a result. This is a really difficult thing to enforce by any practical measure, and I don’t think it will have the outcome either that a lot of Democrats hope that it will.”

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