Major Garrett: Trump Still Looking for a Slogan as Good as ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid’

‘[Bill] Clinton said Trump is a master of branding and that has catapulted him to the top of GOP field’

O’DONNELL: “Donald Trump faces more questions this morning over his new tax plan, a non-partisan research group claims that Trump's proposed cuts will add trillions to the federal debt. His fellow GOP presidential candidates are piling on, so is the husband of the Democratic front-runner. Major Garrett is in Washington with the Republican billionaire's response. Major, good morning.”

GARRETT: “Good morning. Donald Trump says he is not immature but should probably tone down the personal insults. Bill Clinton said, the entire GOP race looks like a reality TV Show that lacks substance which, of course, is redundant. Speaking of reality TV, that supposed Trump boycott of Fox News, not real.”

[clip starts]

O’REILLY: “So you're back! How does it feel?”

TRUMP: “I am back.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “On Fox, Bill O'Reilly asked Donald Trump if he needed to be kinder and more mature.”

TRUMP: “I think I’m a nice person. I have great relationships.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “This in reaction of the Republican front-runner, calling Florida Senator Marco Rubio, now gaining on Trump ‘a clown’. Rubio in turn called Trump's campaign ‘a freak show’.”

TRUMP: “I don't really know him and, all of a sudden, he attacks me about nothing.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “Rubio followed Trump on Fox and said, ‘back at you’.”

TRUMP: “It’s very clear he is a very insecure person.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is running very close to Trump nationally said it looks as if the billionaire businessman has peaked.”

CARSON: “Really kind of depends on whether he puts -- continues to put material out that people resonate with and doesn't, you know, become too thin-skinned.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “A full day after Trump revealed his tax plan, he still refused to get into specifics.”

TRUMP: “It’s a big simplification and really great for middle income families.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “The plan seeks across the board tax cuts for all federal taxpayers and slashes the corporate tax rate. Independent analysis says it will reduce revenue by 10 trillion dollars over ten years. Trump said he plans to cut federal spending.”

TRUMP: “A tremendous amounts of money.”

O’REILLY: “So you're going with a cleaver through –“ [Crosstalk]

GARRETT (voice-over): “Asked to survey it all, former President Bill Clinton said the GOP race is feeding on frustration and lacks focus.”

CLINTON: “I think they believe that authenticity is created by making your campaign look as much like a reality TV Show as possible.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “And when asked about Trump repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton the worst secretary of state in history?”

CLINTON: “Well, the thing about branding it, you can be fact-free.”

[clip ends]

GARRETT: “Clinton said, Trump is a master at branding and that has catapulted him to the top of the GOP field, even so Trump is looking for a slogan as good as it's the economy, stupid.”


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