Diane Black: There Are a Lot of Alternatives to Planned Parenthood

‘There are lots and lots of other alternatives besides Planned Parenthood’


CAPEHART: "This is Jonathan. Your bill defund Planned Parenthood act, why wouldn't anyone think this would be blocking access to care. On my Twitter feed I hear from people, a lot of people recently including this morning after we talked about the beginning of the show where she said her precancerous cervical cells were found in her 30s and she's grateful to Planned Parenthood for catching that for her. What do you say for women like that?"
BLACK: "There are lots and lots of other alternatives besides Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is trying to put a message out there that if they went away all these women wouldn't have care. We would add an $235 million to those services that can then be given to all these other clinics providing these services which by the way are services more broad and beyond what's being provided at Planned Parenthood."

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