Fox News: U.S. Suspends Bringing Syrian Rebels to Turkey and Jordan for Training

‘How long this lasts we don’t know’

CORKE: “And new tonight, Bret, Fox News can confirm that a top official at the Pentagon responsible for military relations with Ukraine and Russia is stepping down. Evelyn Farkas, leaving after five years on the job at the end of next month, and that is certainly bad news for the administration. Bret?”

BAIER: “Kevin Corke outside the United Nations. Kevin, thank you. Just in the past few minutes from the Pentagon, as well, news that the U.S. is pausing the effort to move new recruits, Syrian rebels from Syria. Saying they'll continue to provide support for the current forces on the ground and train, but they are pausing the effort, how long that lasts we don't know in this volatile situation on the ground in Syria.”

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