Sen. James Lankford: Biden’s Green Agenda ‘Spiraling Out Of Control’

‘Let’s do American energy production; we can do it cleaner than anyone else in the world’


LANKFORD: “I can actually, because I have seen those things as well. We’ve seen it in baby formula and multiple other areas, areas that he has ignored. Here’s the simple fact of this. The price of gas went 50 percent up in the first year of the Biden presidency because what she was articulating is exactly where they are. They want to try to push people to get to different energy sources by raising the price of oil and gas. But what they weren’t anticipating was how out of control this would really get. And they’ve created this spiral of inflation based on what happened with increasing energy prices and then that $2 trillion bill that they put in place last year. The two things combined have been catastrophic for Americans. And they directly caused this by cutting off access to pipelines, by cutting off permitting, cutting off federal lands and waters for leasing, by continuing to make it hard to be able to get capital. These are all things they put in place in their very first year because they intended to push people, but their unintended ‘consequence’ was this dramatic inflation that we’re all suffering the consequences of.”

(via Fox News)

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