Colbert: U.S. Military Airlifting Baby Formula From Europe Is a Shocking Headline

‘There’s good news for babies’


COLBERT: “There’s good news for babies, and it’s not just that I never really had your nose. Sorry for the mixup. Because to help relieve the country’s ongoing formula shortage, on Sunday, the us military airlifted baby formula from Europe. That is a shocking headline. The United States, the land of the free and the home of unlimited breadsticks, has been forced to airlift formula from Europe because we can’t feed our babies. If I told you five years ago this was happening, you’d say, that’s gotta be the worst news of the day. Then I would tell you about genital monkeypox. Which also came from Europe. Which we also got from Europe. But thanks to our European friends, our babies are ready to chow down on 132 pallets of formula from Zurich, Switzerland. Oh, and the swiss formula is the best. It’s got those little marshmallows.”

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