Dr. Siegel: The Idea We’re Talking About Bringing Masks Back Because of Monkeypox ‘Is Ridiculous’

‘We start with this fear mongering and overreaction we’ve seen that happened with Covid’

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SIEGEL: “It doesn’t look like it’s easy to catch, it doesn’t look like it’s spreading like wildfire. It looks like it could be sexually transmitted likely, it’s spreading among the gay population a little bit. It’s also travel-related, but it’s very hard to get. You have to get it from very close contact. Nobody has died from it. We have — we have 500 million doses of a smallpox vaccine in our stockpile in case we need it. I don’t think we need it right now. I think they might want to vaccinate health care workers or people around the cases and they need to really fair it out how many cases there are. Again, World Health Organization saying 90 plus confirmed worldwide. I know one was confirmed here in New York City, I know it as a fact. I’ve talked to the people involved but they think there’s more cases. There’s more cases but again, very hard to get and here’s the most important thing, Lawrence. You don’t spread it usually until you have symptoms. So if you see someone with pox or swollen lymph nodes, you’re going to want to stay away from them anyway. The idea that we’re talking about bringing masks back for this is ridiculous.”

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