Senator Schumer on Baby Formula Shortage: ‘I Cannot Imagine How Hard the Shortage Is for Families Who’ve Been Impacted’

‘There’s already such a burden on a mother of a newborn child.’

(via The Hill)

SCHUMER: "Yesterday, President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to respond to the shortage of baby formula that’s hurting parents and caretakers of newborns across the country. The President’s taking the issue seriously. Invoking the DPA was exactly the right response. I cannot imagine how hard this shortage is for families who have been impacted. There’s already such a burden on a mother of a newborn child. We can’t let this formula shortage be another stressor for mothers in this country. The Senate should likewise take action to help our nation’s parents. Yesterday, the House passed a pair of bills to address the baby formula shortage, including one with over 400 votes that will make sure that parents who rely on the federal nutrition programs can continue to access baby formula in the face of supply chain shortages. I hope the Senate will pass both of these bills."

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