Elise Stefanik: Biden Has ‘No Plan’ To Address Supply Chain Crisis

‘They absolutely should have had a plan months ago’


STEFANIK: "There is no excuse. They absolutely should have had a plan months ago. As I said we saw this crisis coming and there was no response. When I reached out and wrote a letter to the FDA, there was no substantive response about how they were going to address this supply chain crisis. And what did we hear from President Joe Biden yesterday? We heard no plan and him trying to continue to pass the buck. As president of the United States you are responsible for leadership in this country. Moms and dads and I will tell you grandparents across America are so, so concerned about this. What are Republicans focused on? We are focused on demanding action from the FDA, demanding action from this administration, working directly with the manufacturers, working with our hospitals to make sure that we have an acceptable supply of baby formula, and then also making sure that parents know where to go if the shelves are empty at the stores. We need to address this across the board. And as Ashley pointed out, this is exacerbated during this inflation crisis where people are already challenged to balance their daily budgets. And, yet, they're having to drive with historically high cost of gas miles and miles for hours to get what they need to feed their children."

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