Students Say Ahmed’s Clock Looks Like Bomb

‘It looks like something that might explode’

JOSEPH: “Hi everybody, I’m Den Joseph, with MRCTV. Now last week a kid named Ahmed Mohammed brought this to school. Now, authorities kind of freaked out when they saw it. They took the kind into custody, but the Liberals went absolutely ballistic. The Left said that this was an obvious case of racial profiling, because the kid was a Muslim and authorities assumed that it was a bomb. Well, a lot people actually think it looks like a bomb. So today we are going to ask  some college students what they think this looks like, and whether or not authorities were correct in being concerned that it might blow up."
[clip starts]
JOSEPH: “I’m going to show you this, and you tell me what you think it is. First thing that pops into your head, all right?”
STUDENT 1: “Looks like a bomb.”
JOSEPH: “OK, what about you?”
STUDENT 2: “Same suggestion.”
JOSEPH: “You think it looks like a bomb?”
STUDENT 2: “Yes”
STUDENT 3: “Looks like a bomb”
JOSEPH: “Looks like a bomb?”
STUDENT 3: “It does.”
JOSEPH: “Have you seen this picture before?”
STUDENT 3: “Yes, it’s clock, but it looks like a bomb; looks like a bomb.”
STUDENT 4: “Yeah, it could be like a bomb or something.”
STUDENT 5: “A bomb.”
STUDENT 6: “I would probably assume that it looks something like that might explode”.
JOSEPH: “(Laughter) That might explode. OK so it’s something that might explode, that’s not good.”
STUDENT 7: “Looks like it could be like a bomb or something.”
JOSEPH: “Does this look like a clock to you?”
STUDENT 8: “It does not”
STUDENT 9: “It kind of looks like something bad. Maybe like a bomb."
STUDENT 9: “Computer bomb ... something like that."
JOSEPH: “It looks like a computer bomb?"
STUDENT 9: “Yeah."
STUDENT 10: “Looks little bit like a bomb."

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