Frank Rich on Trump: He’s a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Whole System

‘What I mean is I don’t think there’s a chance that Donald Trump is going to become president’

LEMON: “My New York Magazine arrived at my door with Donald Trump wearing a wig. I don’t if it was CGI or he’s really wear the wig.”
RICH: “It was a — yes, it was funny little illustration.”
LEMON: “OK, OK. That’s interesting. It’s called, you also just called, ‘Donald Trump is saving our democracy.’ Explain what you mean by that.”
RICH: “What I mean is I don’t think there’s a chance that Donald Trump is going to become president. There is some chance he could be the republican nominee but his sort of bigotry, his bullying, his absurdity is kind of exposing the absurdity of the whole process. He’s making the republicans look bad, he’s even making Hillary Clinton look bad. Look, you know, he’s decisive. Hillary Clinton couldn’t pick her favorite ice cream flavor at an ice cream stand in New Hampshire.” 
LEMON: “Let’s — we talk about that wrecking ball. Let’s put up this quote. This is from your article. You said, ‘Far from being a threat to democracy or freak show unworthy of serious coverage, it matters because it’s taking a much-needed wrecking ball, right, to some of what has made our sterile politics and dysfunctional government as bankrupt as Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casinos.’ Is that a backhanded compliment?” 
RICH: “I think so.”
LEMON: “Yes.”
RICH: “My point is, so we have this sort of –“[crosstalk]
LEMON: “He’s driving the debate.”
RICH: “He’s driving the debate and also he’s doing a campaign that almost no one else is doing. He doesn’t have a huge group of consultants. He isn’t blow — well, he is blow dried, but his speech isn’t blow dried. He — he is not using the system of everything being scripted, politically correct. You know, as someone said, he’s — he’s like the Charlie Sheen of American politics.” 
LEMON: “Well, you call him a human torpedo blasting through the 2016 campaign, love him or hate him.”

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