Maddow to Adams: Is Subway Shooting a Hate Crime Against Asian Americans?

‘Brooklyn is perhaps the most ethnically and nationally racially diverse place in the entire world’

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MADDOW: "Mr. Mayor, I think that one of the things that went through a lot of people’s minds, who know New York City well enough to understand a little bit about the neighborhood in which this happened, particularly because of hate crimes, particularly because of anti-Asian hate crimes, this neighborhood where this happened, Sunset Park is a heavily immigrant neighborhood, there's large Asian population among lots of other immigrant populations in that neighborhood. As you know, Brooklyn is perhaps the most ethnically and nationally and racially diverse place in the entire world. Is there any indication, or can you tell us anything about worries that this might have been ethnically motivated, might have been a targeted hate crime or sort of hate-motivated attack? I think people surmise that that might be a possibility given the location of this, but we don’t have anything to go on."

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