Trump: ‘I Assumed’ N.H. Man ‘Was Talking About Radical Islam’

‘I assumed that he was talking about radical Islam’

GUTHRIE: "Let's talk about you. Obviously you've gotten a lot of attention for some comments that were made by a voter at a town hall late last week. The voter said, among other things, the problem in this country is Muslims. Now, you have since said that you know many Muslims. You have friends who are Muslims. You have said that they are excellent, fabulous, and great, and you have a great respect and love for them. If that's the case, why didn't you say that right then and there?"

TRUMP: "Well, I said it always. I've never had a problem with Muslims. You do have an individual problem where you have some radicals that are causing problems, and I can be politically correct. Somebody said, oh, how can you say that? And i said, "Give me a break. It's all over the world." That's all we're talking about. You turn on the nightly news and turn on the newscasts, no matter where you are, you have a problem. People don't have to admit that, Savannah. They can try and keep it nice and cool, but the fact is you do have a problem, and it's a problem that has to be addressed."

GUTHRIE: "I think there is this issue of radical Islam, but that's not what this voter said. He said the problem in this country is Muslims. And I guess my question to you is would you have corrected him if he had said something like the problem in this country is Christians, or the problem in this country is -- the Jewish people."

TRUMP: "I assumed he was talking about the radical Islam. I assumed, Savannah, he was talking about radical Islam. And again, no matter where you turn, you're reading about it and you're seeing it. It's an amazing problem. It's a very big problem. Now, I fully understand the Muslims are great people, and I have many friends and I have -- and they are great friends. By the way, they are concerned with radical Islam, too. But I assumed that that is what he was talking about."

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