Powers: ‘People Aren’t Enthusiastic’ About Hillary Clinton

‘I think people are concerned about Hillary Clinton — that would be why there’s this push for Joe Biden’

POWERS: "I think people are feeling more and more that it’s more likely that Joe Biden will get in, but not. But the sense is he’s got to do it soon. I think there was some study that if he waited until the end of December, he would forfeit half of the delegates. So he would have to get in. I think people are concerned about Hillary Clinton. That would be why there’s this push for Joe Biden. There were 50 Democrats sent this letter to Biden, encouraging him to get in. Sanders is very strong, but he’s very strong? New Hampshire and Iowa, these early states, but I think a lot of people feel once he starts moving into the south, it’s not as friendly a territory, much friendlier to Hillary Clinton, so I think there’s a question of whether he’ll be able to expand that outside of these more predominantly white liberal areas."


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