Nicolle Wallace: ‘We Know [Putin] Sees What Tucker Carlson Does Every Night’

‘We know he sees what Donald Trump says and does every night’


WALLACE: “You know, Pete Strzok, it’s hard to on a day like today start with politics. And the politics of a defeated twice impeached ex president, but it is impossible to cover an attempt at peace talks in Istanbul, Turkey and cover some stunning new reporting from NBC News about Putin’s information bubble without examining what we know Putin does see. We know he sees what Tucker Carlson does every night. We know he sees what Donald Trump says and does every night. We know, as Carol was talking about, that there is a call and answer to what Donald Trump calls for and what his political interests are. I wonder if you can speak to this — I hate the words like red line and trip wires because they’ve all been annihilated by the Trump era.”

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