NATO Ambassador: NATO’s Response to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Has Been ‘a Remarkable Moment’ in History

‘The United States since January of the last year has provided $2 billion of lethal assistance to Ukraine’


SMITH: “Well, this has been a remarkable moment in NATO's history. We came together quickly. The same day that Russia went into Ukraine, we had an emergency session. We activated plans to move forces into Eastern Europe. We also immediately started providing lethal assistance to Ukraine. The United States, since January of last year, has already provided $2 billion worth of lethal assistance to Ukraine. We have talked with them regularly about their defense needs. We are working with them each and every week to determine how we can continue to help them with anti-air assets, anti-armor. We have offered Stingers. We have provided Javelins. And many other members of the NATO alliance are doing the same thing. I think about two-thirds of the NATO alliance are now providing lethal assistance to Ukraine. Every ally is making a contribution. Some are providing humanitarian support. Some are providing lethal. Most are doing both.”

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