Schweizer: Hunter Biden Could Take a Plea Deal With Jail Time to Protect His Father

‘If Hunter Biden is indicted, that opens up the whole can of worms’


SCHWEIZER: “So this is not some random walk around Shanghai, 'I'm going to secure a couple of deals.' This was orchestrated. But in terms of Joe Biden’s legal problem, he was getting subsidized by his son, paying the monthly bills, paying for renovations on his home up in Delaware. That’s not allowed. Federal law does not allow politicians to be subsidized by family members. But you have to the other issue of who is paying the taxes? If you give money to somebody, above $15,000 a year, somebody has to pay the gift tax on that. Did Joe Biden pay that money? Did he claim that money on his income? No. If you look at the tax returns, his financial disclosures, he did not. So this gets messy real fast and the question, Jesse, becomes: Does Hunter Biden become the sacrificial lamb? Does he end up taking a plea deal that might even mean jail time in order to protect his father?"

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