Barnicle: Clinton ‘Should Fire Most of Her Staff’

‘The e-mail wounds, perhaps lethal, have prevented her from getting a message out’

BARNICLE: “Look, she is an accomplished, formidable candidate who is hamstrung by her own inability to handle her own self-inflicted e-mail wounds. The e-mail wounds perhaps lethal have prevented her from getting a message out. She gave a terrific speech on foreign policy --” [Crosstalk]

SCARBOROUGH: “But look at her.”

BARNICLE: “I am looking at her. She is also clearly – she should fire most of her staff. She’s so overly stage-managed that she sets up – [crosstalk] – No. She sets up right there a curtain between her and any audience that she has, whether the audience is just watching her on TV, or whether the audience is there in person. She just sets up a curtain between herself and the audience.”

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