Thomas Roberts: ‘So Many People Consider Obama to Be the First Gay President’

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts ponders Obama’s potential conflicts of interest with Russia

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: So Many Consider Obama the ‘First Gay President’ (Mediaite)

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts examined the notion on Monday that President Barack Obama faces an uphill battle to safeguard the rights of gays and lesbians abroad who face repression in their home countries who are less tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Roberts asked if Obama has credibility with repressive government given that so many see him as America’s “first gay presdent.”

Given the many areas in which the U.S. has encountered friction with Russia, a country that has cracked down on the rights of same-sex individuals recently, Roberts asked a human rights advocate on Monday whether the president has any credibility in Moscow on the issue of human rights.

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