CNN’s Brianna Keilar: Latest Polls a ‘Concern for the Clinton Campaign’

‘The Clinton campaign said they wanted it competitive; I am not sure they wanted it this competitive’

BOLDUAN: “There are also some new polls out overnight showing Hillary Clinton’s lead is shrinking and Joe Biden is gaining. Let’s bring in senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar for much more on this. Brianna, if confirmation was needed, this Democratic primary is competitive.”

KEILAR: “Oh, it has gotten to be so and, you know, the Clinton campaign, Kate, has always said it was going to be competitive. I’m not sure that they wanted it this competitive. Look at these numbers here. When you're looking at what Democrats and Democratic leaning voters say about their choice. Thirty-seven points for Hillary Clinton. You say, well, look, she's 10 points ahead of Bernie Sanders. True, but this is the closest that he has gotten to her nationally, so this is of concern, and you see Joe Biden at 20 points. He’s gone up several points just here in the last month. Then take a look at what the campaign is really looking at. They are geared in on these early states like New Hampshire and like Iowa. Bernie Sanders for the first time this week topping Hillary Clinton in this Quinnipiac University Poll for likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa. This is, of course, of concern for the Clinton campaign and they're really trying to minimize some of those numbers.”

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