Chuck Todd on Clinton Donors: ‘I Think They Are Panicking’

‘Suddenly, if her electability is in question – well, that’s when the hand-wringing truly begins and that’s when donors start panicking’

SCARBOROUGH: “Let's stop right there. We have a lot to go through. A lot of polls. A new Q-poll crossing soon. But Chuck Todd, look at those numbers. This has been one of the worst months for Hillary Clinton that I can remember any candidate having. Especially in August, where there's not supposed to be news. She's dropped 10 points in just about every poll and here you actually have Ben Carson and Jeb Bush ahead of her?”

TODD: “You know, every time you think, okay, when is she at bottom? It feels like there's a new bottom, and, you know, these -- look, and we can all use the caveats all we want. Oh, these general election numbers, you know, how meaningful are they right now? But a month ago when she was having bad poll numbers, when it was starting to go down, one of the things they hung their hat on is, well, as bad as her numbers may look, she's still in better shape when matched up against anyone Republican. Well, that's not happening anymore. Right? Now, that -- this is just pile after pile after pile. It's like she got bad primary poll numbers. Well, you can explain it away with Sanders, but suddenly if her electability is in question, then that's when – that’s when the hand wringing truly begins and that’s when donors start panicking. I think they are panicking.” 

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