Fox News Guest Questions Harris Faulkner on Biden Cursing: Did You Ever Confront Trump on His Vulgarity?

‘But did you say this about Trump is my other thing?’


FAULKNER: "Laura, I can’t miss this. Your party, the party of women, and why do I say that? Because there is a BOLO out for a Black female who might be a little bit younger for the U.S. Supreme Court seat that just became open, right? That was so much disrespect for women I can’t believe you didn’t come down on it. Now, look, you don’t condone it —"

FINK: "I think I did come down on it, Harris. I'm happy to come down on it."

FAULKNER: "You said I don’t condone it."

FINK: "I don’t condone it. I don’t condone it at all."

FAULKNER: "But that's not the first use of vulgar language. Did you hear the President last week?"

FINK: "How much more strongly can I condemn it, Harris? I'm on your side on this one. I agree with you."

FAULKNER: "The President dropping it, too. You don’t fight like that. You've lost the debate with that."

FINK: "But did you say this about Trump is my other thing? I think it's hard to argue."

FAULKNER: "Did we — have you seen me interview him?"

FINK: "Did you condemn — I haven’t seen the interviews where you question his vulgarity. Maybe I'm wrong."

FAULKNER: "We got to get you to watch more Fox so you know what’s going on."

(Via Mediaite)

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