Biden Falsely Claims the $5 Trillion Build Back Better Bill Will ‘Cut the Deficit’

‘No other plan will do more to lower the costs for American families’


BIDEN: "My Build Back Better plan cuts the price of prescription drugs so insulin, that today costs some people as much as $1,000 a month will cost no more than $35 a month. It cuts the cost of elder care and lowers energy cost, and it will do all of this without raising a single penny in taxes on people making under $400,000 a year or raising the deficit. In fact, my plan cuts the deficit. And it boosts the economy by getting more people into the work force. That’s why 17 Nobel Prize winners for economics say it will ease long-term inflationary pressure. The bottom line, if price increases are what you’re worried about, the best answer is my Build Back Better plan.”

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