Terrell: Americans Aren’t Talking About Voting Rights, They’re Talking About Crime, Someone Should Let Biden Watch Fox News

‘No one is talking in America about voting rights except Joe Biden’


TERRELL: "First of all, let me just answer that. I want to be as clear as possible. I agree with everything Clay just said. And there is nothing wrong with what you’re asking for. Here is the problem. The Democrats are totally disconnected from the everyday voter. Sean, no one in America is talking about, 'Boy, I hope they pass that voting rights bill. Boy, I need to vote.' You know what they're talking about in their homes? They're talking about the crime, they’re talking about the schools being taken over by the government. They’re talking about immigration, inflation. No one is talking in America about voting rights except Joe Biden. You know why? Because they want to distract from all the issues. Joe Biden may not even know that there’s crime in all these cities. You know what? Someone needs to give him a Fox News Channel and let him watch it for an hour because no one is talking about Jim Crow in American households. It is a red herring, it’s a distraction, because he cannot talk about the economy. He cannot talk about these things. I hope and I pray he gives Peter Doocy more than one question because he’s going to get lollypops tomorrow at this press conference."

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