Steve Schmidt: Kevin McCarthy Should Be Handcuffed and Put in a ‘Locked Basement’ Until He Testifies

‘This is an extraordinary thing for me say personally because I met Kevin McCarthy’


SCHMIDT: “Kevin McCarthy has become — this is an extraordinary thing for me say personally because I met Kevin McCarthy before he was a member of Congress, when he was the minority leader in the California legislature. As you know, Nicolle, Sacramento is a small town. And what Kevin McCarthy has become is this villainous figure that is among the most villainous figures that have been in the history of the American republic. He has played a profoundly important role over this last year through the lying, through the cover-up, of poisoning faith and belief in democracy. And one of the things about Kevin McCarthy, if you watch him operate, is that he’s very childlike in that he lives entirely in the moment. He’s not thinking about the ramifications for the next conversation based on what he’s saying in the current or in the last.”

(Via Mediaite)

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