Rep. Gallego: If We Don’t Pass Voting Rights Act, GOP Will Be Winning Elections by Not Counting Votes

‘There won’t need to be a physical coup’


GALLEGO: “Well, look, I don’t understand — and this is one of the mysteries of the Senate and sometimes even the House — you can be doing two things at one time. This is why we have very talented leaders, very talented staff, but, number two, we do have to understand, and I certainly see it as someone that was there on January 6, as someone that has seen the ongoing actions after that, this is a very existential point in America. And we may not have the public on our side, but we need to keep talking about this and actually point out about the danger that we’re seeing. I don’t believe we’re ever going to have another physical military coup — I'm sorry, not military, physical coup like we saw on January 6. I think the coup that we will see will be staffed by men and women in very well-dressed suits in our courts running for secretary of states, running for the county board, the electoral boards. And for everything we do between now and then, if we don’t get the Voting Rights Act passed, we don’t have some of these protections, there won't need to be a physical coup. They will win this on Election Day by not counting votes or just in general certifying direct certifications that president wants from state houses and assemblies.”

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