Sen. Schumer: It’s Just Unbelievably Amazing that Romney Would Equate Donald Trump and Joe Biden

‘Donald Trump created the big lie about the election’


SCHUMER: “My reaction is it’s just unbelievably amazing that he would equate Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump created the big lie about the election. Donald Trump, as you on your show have reported over and over again, is importuning people to even threatening violence. And by the way, the violence wasn’t just on January 6th. Election officials across the country are being threatened. Non-partisan election officials who just count the vote. And these Republican legislators are going back to doing things that were done 40 years ago, Jim Crow. To equate that with Democratic upsetness at wanting to change the rules so that we can have fair and free elections is just an absurdity. And Mitt Romney knows that. Mitt Romney knows that. He knows that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not the same.”

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