Boston Audience Boos Obama After He Likens GOP’s ‘Unforced Errors’ to Bill Buckner

‘You guys have won a couple since that time so I can make that joke!’

BARACK OBAMA: "That ideology is what's been shrinking wages, and has been increasing inequality, and wrecking the economy, for a long, long time. We've been working to reverse it, but these folks are pretty stubborn. I will give them credit. They don't let facts or evidence get in their way! They really don't.

And as I said, Republicans are trying to re-brand themselves as the party of the middle class. I'm glad they're doing it. Really. I want them to start rethinking their positions on issues. I'd like to start working with them on stuff. But you can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. You can't talk middle class and then do things that hurt the middle class. You can't say working people and then do things that hurt working people. 

"I'll give you an example. Right now Republicans in Washington have the chance to prove they really care about working families. Congress has to pass a budget by the end of this month, or they risk shutting down the government for the second time in two years. Now everybody knows the world economy is pretty volatile right now. Our economy is a relative bright spot. Our economy is doing better than everybody else. So a shutdown would be completely irresponsible. It would be an unforced error. A fumble on the goal line. It'd be like a ground ball slipping between someone's legs."

AUDIENCE: [boos]

OBAMA: "You guys have won a couple since that time so I can make that joke! If you hadn't won so many World Series I wouldn't make that joke."

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