ObamaCare Costs Pile Up for Nevada Union Workers Who Supported Obama

'If ObamaCare is not fixed, it could certainly affect the way we do politics in the future'

Obamacare Costs Piling Up for Nevada Union (Washington Free Beacon)

Obamacare costs are piling up for Nevada Culinary union workers, KSNV reports.

Political Director of the Nevada Culinary Union Yvanna Cancela said her union’s nonprofit healthcare plan is treated unequally compared with for profit plans. The health insurance her organization offers is essentially being “priced out of the market” due to the Affordable Care Act, she said.

Ironically, many union workers especially in states like Nevada helped elect President Obama. However, the ACA has saddled the union’s healthcare with such immense cost increases, Cancela conceded “it could certainly affect the way we do politics in the future” if changes are not made.

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