Cuomo: There’s Little Cause for Panic on Omicron Based on the Facts

‘There is too much talk about not knowing if it is resistant or if the vaccines fully work against it as if we had proof going both ways on it’


CUOMO: "And just a note for the record. Let's hope they keep that same energy, and that it will be aided by the President and his emissaries, letting us know what they know when they know it. Don't continue this pattern of us having to catch that there were things that you knew that you could have told us and didn't. Please, let's do better. So far, again, little to panic on based on the facts. Are there cases here? Maybe, they don't know. There are cases nearby, in Canada, and at least 17 other countries. There's no good reason to believe it wouldn't come here. And, again, it could be here, we just don't know. And we have therefore no idea what this variant means for us here. Symptoms, hospitalizations, deaths, those are the metrics that matter most, as you know. So why don't we just treat it as an unknown until we know? Why can't we adjust this avarice for making it something, for being something that we know it's got to be? Why? Why drive it that way? Because all you're really driving is more misgivings about the quality and nature of the messaging coming to the American people about this virus.”

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