NBC: Donald Trump ‘More than a Summer Fling’

’75 percent of Iowa Republicans say they have unfavorable or unsatisfactory review of Republicans in Congress’

DALY: “A new poll out of battleground state of Iowa shows Donald Trump is still the party's favorite while Hillary Clinton's position has slipped considerably. Chuck Todd is the moderator from ‘Meet the Press’. Chuck, good morning.

TODD: “Good morning, Carson.”

DALY: “Let’s talk Trump. Chuck, for months now, people said that it would be near impossible for his presidential candidacy is simply to last this long, at least as a Republican. The new poll comes out of likely GOP caucus goers in Iowa, the numbers are still strong. Chuck, it seems to be more than just a summer fling.”

TODD: “It more than -- absolutely. They’re very strong and actually the most significant number in there may not be Trump, it may be second place number there, Ben Carson at 18 percent. Because what do Trump and Carson have in common? Neither one of them have ever held elective office. They’re part of this outsider coalition. The two of them together -- cobbling together nearly 50 percent of the electorate by themselves in Iowa. It shows you this anti-establishment sentiment in Iowa is huge. in fact, I think the most import n in this poll, 75 percent of Iowa Republicans say they have an unfavorable or unsatisfactory review of Republicans in Congress. They’re mad at their own party. That tells you why, Carson -- they're attracted to the outsiders like Trump and Carson.”

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