Howard Kurtz: ‘Rittenhouse Trial Was Not About a ‘Social Justice Movement’

‘Much of the media vilified Kyle Rittenhouse as a racist vigilante’


KURTZ: “Well, Griff, we have to start with the months of media coverage where much of the media vilified Kyle Rittenhouse as a racial vigilante, as a white supremist and we had to look at the jury trial, it was enough for a total acquittal. Many on the left wanted this for a people taking weapons into the zone. And Kyle Rittenhouse was to white conservatives to kill. No, it was one 18-year-old man. Many pundits on the right wanted the message of a right to self-defense. A trial is about one thing, it’s about the facts and the evidence and the law and a particular case with a particular defendant, not about some social justice movement.”

(via Fox News)

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