Clyburn on Rep. Gosar: ‘Members of Congress Should Behave in a Way that Children Can Look Up To Us‘

‘When someone sends out a tweet ... of him or her murdering somebody on the House floor, that, to me, goes far beyond the pale’


CLYBURN: “I think that you have heard over the years, I've often referred to the House of Representatives, at least a hall of the House, as America's classroom. And I feel that very strongly, that we as members of Congress, ought to conduct ourselves in that hall and in our duties and responsibilities in such a way that children, school children all over, again, look to us to emulate the conduct and that is why we should hold every member to a high standard. And when someone sends out a tweet or any other illustration of him or her murdering somebody on the House floor, that, to me, goes far beyond the pale and that person should not even be a member of this body. In fact, a lot of his family members are telling the whole world that he should not be a member of Congress. And I think it would have been the right thing to do to move to expel him. But it is not what we have decided to do as a collective body because we think, quite frankly, the Republican confidence has some responsibility here. They have been totally silent on this. What is that about? Oh, you know, I don't -- I just don't understand how we can, as members of Congress, expect for the public to respect us when we don't demonstrate that respect ourselves.”

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