Hasan to Raffensperger on Avoiding To Say if He’d Still Vote for Trump: That’s a Man Who ‘Incited Violence Against You and Your Family’

‘We’re out of time and I’ll ask it one more time’


HASAN: "You’re not ruling it out, which is astonishing to me. This is a guy who incited violence against you and your family and you’re considering maybe voting for him? You’re not saying tonight, 'No way am I ever voting for that guy?'"

RAFFENSPERGER: "Was that a question or was that a statement? I didn’t really understand."

HASAN: "We’re out of time and I’ll ask it one more time: Can you say emphatically tonight that you will not vote in 2024 for the man who you say threatened you, incited threats against you?"

RAFFENSPERGER: "I believe in 2024 we’ll have a person that can grow the party, because we didn’t have 50% of the popular vote for a long period of time. We need to grow our party. We need to figure out how to do that because so we have an attractive message that actually embraces people, expands the base, and we can make sure that we win the 50+1 percent of the people, plus win the Electoral College."

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