Nicolle Wallace Slams Chris Christie For Writing a Book on Conspiracists and Ignoring Tucker: ‘Are You Afraid?’

‘You really don’t take on Fox News, why not?’


WALLACE: "Do you think that Fox News in prime time is good for the country or bad?"

CHRISTIE: "Listen, there are shows I like in Fox News and shows that I don’t like. Like there are shows I like here — "

WALLACE: "Are you afraid to question the purveyors of conspiracy theories and the like?"

CHRISTIE: "That’s your opinion. You are welcome to your opinion like everybody else in this country is welcome to an opinion. I don’t consider people like Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham purveyors — "

WALLACE: "I didn’t say any of their names. Tucker Carlson — "

CHRISTIE: "You said the evening programs at Fox News — "

WALLACE: "The 8:00 P.M. hour."

CHRISTIE: "Well, and as I told you, I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know what Tucker does from night to night. If I watch anything at night in news, because most of the time I’m watching sports, but if I'm watching anything in news, I’m usually watching either Sean or Laura."

WALLACE: "So you may or may not support Donald Trump in 2024, you may or may not run for president, and book about liars and conspiracy theorists doesn’t have anything to say about Fox News?"

CHRISTIE: "No, the book talks about — you continue to conflate it. And you know what — "

WALLACE: "I don’t know how you talk about liars and conspiracy theorists without talking about Fox News. I was a Republican. I think they’ve done more damage to the party then anything else."

CHRISTIE: "I’m sure you do. But if we want to go through that, I think there are liars and conspiracy theorists on MSNBC and on CNN also. So maybe I'll write a book about all that.”

(Via Mediaite)


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