Nancy Pelosi Claims Build Back Better Bill Is a Middle Class ‘Tax Cut’ That’s Totally Paid For

‘This week we will be passing Build Back Better to get tax cuts to America’s working families’


PELOSI: "May I just say and associate myself with the closing remarks of Mr. Schumer. This is a great accomplishment, and there's more to come. I’m so happy that hopefully this week we will be passing Build Back Better to —


— to get tax cuts to America’s working families, to create millions more jobs, to lower health care costs and all of it paid for by making everyone pay his or her own fair share. 


I'll close by saying, last week in Glasgow at the COP26, members were met with great enthusiasm over the Build Back Better agenda, which is a show of force to the world. As the President has said, America is back. With President Biden’s signature, we show America's leadership for ourselves, for the people and to the world. Thank you, Mr. President, and thank all of you."

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