Ari Fleischer Shocks Fox News Anchor with News That President Biden is Actually Running the White House

‘He’s struggled to get even his own party onboard’


FAULKNER: "Just real quickly, who is running the White House, in your estimation? You've been inside, you know what it looks like. Is it fair to continue to question that?"

FLEISCHER: "Unequivocally, it's Joe Biden. It is."

FAULKNER: "You think it is?"

FLEISCHER: "Absolutely. He sets the tone, he sets the pattern —"

FAULKNER: "Why does he turn his back to the media most of the time when he’s with us?"

FLEISCHER: "Because he doesn't want to talk to the media. Because he's running the show and he gets to make those decisions.” 

(Via Mediaite)

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