MSNBC’s Henderson Compares Rittenhouse Attacker to a Teacher Protecting Kids in an Active Shooter Situation

‘It should have come as no surprise that he approached Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun’


HENDERSON: "You know, Craig, what I make of this more than anything else is poor witness preparation of Grosskreutz yesterday. It should have come as no surprise that he approached Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun. It should have come as no surprise that the jury might interpret that as being aggressive. And let me tell you why that's a problem. If you had an active shooter in a school and a teacher raised a gun at that shooter, no one would think the teacher is in the wrong. You'd immediately know that the teacher was in the right to defend the students against the active shooter. But for some reason, people didn’t see Grosskreutz that way when he testified yesterday, who are watching the trial from the outside. You had a situation where Rittenhouse is running down the street with a gun, people are pointing at him and saying, 'Hey, he shot those people. He shot those people!' Under those circumstances, Grosskreutz was justified in using lethal force, but the people watching the trial don't see it that way. That perception is what carries the day with the jury. That's what makes me concerned about the outcome of this case."

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