Ron Klain: Sinema Has Been a Great Leader in Taking Us to the Finish Line

‘It took a little longer to get that across the finish line’


KLAIN: “Senator sinema has been a real leader in trying to get us to the finish line along with senator Klobuchar, senator schumer, others on all sides of the party. It took a little longer to get that across the finish line. I think this bill will pass the house when the pass comes back. I’m sure the Senate will make changes. That’s the way the legislative process works. We’re going to get a very strong version of this bill, through the house, through the Senate, to the president’s desk and into law. Again, it’s because the American people need help with basic expenses. This bill cuts the cost of child care in half, in half, for middle class families. That’s one of the main pain points in their budget. I think this bill is gaining momentum. We’re going to get to work for the American people.”

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